About us

Orient college is founded and run by the eminent academicians having rich educational and managerial experience. The team Orient is totally focused, committed and dedicated towards its motto for excellence in education creating a dynamic society, a model nation for the near nature.120 hours of Community service is a compulsory component of the A-Level program at Orient College over the two-year period of study, which enables students to instill the feelings of creating change in the society being a responsible and supportive individual.

Orient envisions becoming a renowned and leading institution for learning that provides abundant global opportunities and socially inclusive approach for the aspiring learners to participation in higher education. We will pioneer the development of new knowledge, scholarly understanding of curriculum and support the sustainable development of wider community.

Mission of Orient College is to develop versatile and holistic individuals by mentoring them to achieve academic excellence and a balanced and disciplined approach towards life. We believe and strive to groom our students intellectually and make them morally strong, empathetic and effective global citizens.